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Create a profile (free!)

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Promoting you and your services

AfterThird was built by a mom for new parents. We believe in the value your services provide to new and expecting parents. We promote your services and educate parents on the support available to them in their community. We do so by:

  • Helping parents easily find local support
  • Creating compelling and easy to read profiles
  • Providing transparency on pricing and services
  • Prompting parents to reach out and speak to you
  • Building trust through verification and client reviews

The “to do” list for every to-be or current parent should include research on services to make parenthood easier and to improve their wellbeing. We want to expand the conversation beyond beyond cribs, diapers, daycare and strollers.

Helping parents anticipate their needs

It can be difficult for soon-to-be parents to anticipate what their needs will be. There is a lot of content available online, but quality information can be hard to find.

Our goal is to encourage parents to actively think about their physical and emotional well being.  To accomplish this, we will:

  • Create curated information/content for the parents through our blog and social media
  • Take advantage of the AfterThird community (parents and providers) to facilitate insightful information exchange

This sharing of information will help parents better understand what the transition to parenthood is like and why they might want extra care and support.

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