On a provider’s profile, you will see an icon that indicates if the provider has been verified.

To be verified, a provider must:

  1. Speak with a representative from AfterThird
  2. Provide two positive references

Background checks are not required for service providers on AfterThird.

  • AfterThird does not employ the service providers
  • Service providers are not contractors of AfterThird

What if a parent/potential client wants a service provider to complete a background check as a condition of hiring the service provider?

  • The parent/potential client should approach the service provider directly with the request for the background check
  • It is under the service provider’s discretion whether they grant or decline the request

Where can I find background check providers?

  • A google search will reveal that there are many background check providers in the market
  • Alternately, you can ask the service provider to pull their own background check and share the report with you.  Here is an example service GoodHire TrueMe