Tips for running a business from a stay at home mom (SAHM)

My story – How I became a stay at home mom & entrepreneur (momtrepreneur)

My world changed when I found out I was pregnant shortly after I decided to leave my corporate 9-5 to pursue my dream of running my own business. That day I had different thoughts running through my mind; mainly, how would I run a business and raise a well-adjusted child at the same time? My main priority was my child, but I also wanted to continue working on building a business I could be proud of. Yet I found myself having to now balance a new role, as mom, with my work pursuits. Along the way, I learned some great habits to support me as both an entrepreneur and a stay at home mom.

Sharon’s tips for working moms, entrepreneurs + stay at home moms (SAHM)

Here are four healthy ways that have helped me run my business and be a FANTASTIC stay-at-home mom.

  1. Make the most of nap times.

    Women are great at multi-tasking. Although my multi-tasking skills quadrupled as a mom, I still struggled getting everything I needed to get done, well, done. It is hard juggling raising your child and work. Often when I put my baby girl down for a nap, the last thing I want to do is work. I learned a very healthy habit of getting focused, going down my to-do list and taking a nap.  Naps are healthy mental breaks —  and are necessary. If I’m very tired, I set my alarm for a 10-minute power nap. Voila! This actually helps perk me up. After the nap, I usually get a lot done, feel satisfied and am guilt-free!

  1. Work after hours.

    I put down my baby girl to sleep around 7pm. While I’m usually exhausted, I spend just one hour working afterwards to wrap up whatever work I need to finish for the day. I spend the rest of my evening unwinding.

  1. Take a phone call outside.

    If you have a meeting over the phone, get outside with your child. This way, they get to have fun at the playground while you can jump on a call. Getting outside immediately also improves your mental and physical health while keeping your child engaged. But please don’t over do it; everything in moderation. Limit your phone calls to 30 minutes or less for your child’s enjoyment and your balance.

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself.

    Yes, mothers, this last one is really important. Give yourself some grace. It’s for your own emotional health. There was a period when my baby girl took only catnaps. I had plans and a to-do list. I wanted to get everything done. Remember, sometimes things do not go the way we want or expect. My frustration and disappointment was not healthy for my child or my husband. Being someone with a type A personality, I’ve learned to be flexible, and to change my expectations. I give myself a little GRACE. This has been better for me emotionally while I stay flexible with my work.

I am still learning, adjusting and staying flexible each day. The best advise I can give is make a list; a reasonable list for the day. This list makes everything easier to swallow. And if you don’t go through it all, don’t sweat it; there is always tomorrow. Prioritizing and time management is key.

Working and parenting is definitely hard. But it won’t be like this forever. I can only take one day at a time, one list at a time. I now take extra breaths and do my best. Truly all we can do, is give our best.

About the Author: Meet Sharon

 Sharon is a working mom, a wife, mom, daughter, friend, newborn filmmaker and quintessential storyteller. Sharon has always been passionate about living life, chasing dreams, and enjoying the journey of it all. In 2017, she left her corporate 9 to 5 to chase her dream—launching her own production company, Lovelight Pictures and now Little Dumpling Films.
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