Step 1

How to sign up- step by step guide

  • Go to and click on the grey “I provide a service button.”
  • You will be prompted to enter your email address and set up a password.  Then click “sign up.” If you see a message asking you to select a different ‘more secure’ password, don’t be alarmed.  This just means you need to pick a different password.


  • Check your email inbox.  You will receive an email asking you to verify your email address. Please click on the link provided in that email.
  • Step A of the sign up process asks about you, your name, birth date and phone number. Enter the information and click ‘continue’.  Your birth date needs to be entered as MM/DD/YYYY.  Users on the site will not see your birth date or phone number.

  • Step B (self-employed) – tell us what you do.  If you work for yourself, select “self-employed” then select the services you provide from the list (scroll up and down to see all).  It is ok to select one or many.  Once you are done, click “continue.”

  • Step B (business) If you work for a company or are associated with a collective or agency, you can select “business.” A new drop down menu appears, “select your business.”
    1. You can select from the list or
    2. Add a new company by choosing “other”
    3. If you choose “other,” enter a business name and business description.  Upload your logo and click “continue”


  • Step C – tell us where you work.  You can click one or multiple options. Enter your home address if you provide services in the client’s home or out of a home office.  Enter your business address if you provide services out of a commercial location.  Click “continue” to complete the sign up process.  Users will not be able to see your full address. Users will be able to see your city.  Your address is used to calculate the distance between you and a potential client requesting your services.

Congratulations, you have signed up!   

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Create a Profile 

Step 2

Creating a profile - step by step guide

You have signed up, now you are ready to create your profile!

  • Click on the red “edit” button in your profile or click on “please complete” under one of the incomplete question boxes to go into edit mode.

  • Click on the blue “save” button to save your edits.

  • Profile photo: make sure your face is centered in the image you upload because AfterThird automatically crops the image. If you upload an image sized 500X500 pixels, the image will upload as is.
  • About me: Tell parents why you chose your profession, what inspires you, or who you are.
  • How I work with parents: Talk about how you work with moms, parents, families. What is special about your approach?
  • Tags: These are very important. Make sure you select tags that are relevant to your profession, services and work.  This allows parents to search for providers and services by issue or by stage of life.  Parents will not always know who can help them but they may know what they need help with.
  • Experience: click on the little question mark for guidance on which experience level to choose
  • Everything else: You can talk about your training, certifications, professional affiliations, usage of insurance, add your website link and social media links

Adding your services

  • Click on the services tab of your profile and select “add package” to get started.

  • Fill out the information on your package and click the blue “save” button to save your package details.
    • If your service is provided virtually (not in person), click the “provided virtually?” button
    • Pricing Strategy – select “all inclusive” if your service is priced as a package.  Otherwise, select ‘a la carte.’ In the next drop down, you can select whether you price by session, by hour or bundled. Enter your rate/fee.
    • What is included in the package? – the content you add here, the details of your package, will show up as a bulleted list

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Get verified

Step 3

Getting verified - a step by step guide

All providers must be verified before new and to-be parents can see their profile.


  • It allows us to make sure you have filled out your profile.  A complete profile is helpful to new and to-be parents as they search for services.  It also ensures you are representing yourself to the fullest
  • AfterThird is a community for committed and quality service professionals. We speak to you to hear directly from you about the services you provide, to learn how you serve your clients and to hear what motivates you. We also speak to two references provided by you

Is verification the same thing as a background check? No. Since we are not employing you for your services, we do not conduct a background check.  Your clients may ask you directly for a background check depending on what services you are providing and how those services are provided.

How do I get verified?

  • Click the red “schedule” button under your profile picture

  • You will see a “Request Verification” box pop up. In the comments section, provide information about your availability for a phone chat.  Also, please provide the name and contact information of two current or recent clients as a reference.

If you would like to ask your references for their permission to list them as a reference first (this is good to do), then you can email your reference information to [email protected] once you are ready.

  • AfterThird Introductory Chat: We will set up a time to speak with you to learn about you, your story, the services you provide and how you serve your clients (if we have not already spoken with you).
  • References: We will reach out to your references and ask them the following questions
    • What services did you receive from <name> and when?
    • Were the services received up to your expectations?
    • Would you recommend <name>?
  • Once the verification process is complete, we will turn on the visibility on your profile so parents can see you. Once AfterThird has turned on your visibility, you will be able to turn it on and off yourself.

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