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Our experience becoming new parents was our inspiration for AfterThird. I will tell the story from my perspective as a new mom. My husband and I both found the transition to be life changing and we were both under-prepared but I had an especially difficult time.

Here is the short version:

Everyone’s birth and bonding story is unique but for most new parents the reality of labor and recovery is different from their ingoing expectations. 

My son was born in 2014 and I struggled in the transition to parenthood. I was completely overwhelmed and saw this as a personal failure. To make matters worse, my baby was very colicky and I blamed myself for not being able to soothe his crying. Sometimes we cried together.

I loved him from the moment he was born. I loved when he sank into my arms and I loved hearing his baby squeaks, but I did not bond with him right away. This was probably because of the undiagnosed postpartum mood disorder I had. Eighteen months after my son’s birth, I finally came out of the fog. At that time, I realized my experience did not have to be so difficult.

Lessons Learned

Looking back, I needed more support. My new family needed more support. Not every new parent’s experience is like mine. Most are sunnier and some are worse. Regardless, no parent will say that becoming a parent was a piece of cake.

There are many reasons having a new baby is challenging: sleep deprivation • physicality of caring for a newborn •  inexperience caring for an infant • piles of laundry • baby blues • inexperience with breastfeeding

Having the right level of support and access to the right information makes that transition much smoother.  Learn more about some of the services available on AfterThird here:

Services available

Suffering from postpartum depression? 1 out of every 7 women do.  There is help and compassionate support available for you: Postpartum Support International

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