Create a profile for your business

You can now create a profile for your business. With a business profile, you can list multiple addresses, show off your team, and post three profile pictures.  Click on the video to learn how to get started!

Post and edit your classes, workshops and events

Post your classes, workshops and events for parents to see and follow.  You can also post events just for other providers!

Ask your customers to post a review for you

Your clients can post a review for you on your profile.  They need to register as a parent on AfterThird.  You can send them your profile link or they can search for you by name to find your profile.  Once they are there, posting a review is super easy.  Watch the video here.

How to fill out an individual provider profile


Parents won’t see tags on your profile but it will help them find you.  If there are topics you are an expert in or support parents with, select these topics as a tag and add them to your profile.

About me

Tell parents about yourself, who you are personally and professionally, why you chose this profession, why you love your job, what motivates you, and anything else you want a potential client to know about you.

How I work with parents

Tell attempting, expecting and new parents how you work with them. What is your approach? What is your focus in the services you deliver? Help parents understand how you will help them.

My training and experience

Provide an overview of your qualifications and experience. Include education, training, births attended, and other items, as applicable.

Certifications (pick multiple)

Select your certifications from the drop down. If a certification is missing, select ‘other’, If not applicable, select “Not Applicable.”

My professional affiliations

List any professional affiliations such as hospitals, medical practices, relevant professional trade associations, etc. that you would like to share.

Accept insurance?

Indicate if you accept insurance

Backup in case of unavailability?

Indicate if you work with other providers to ensure you have coverage for your services when you are out on vacation, out sick, or unavailable for any other reason.

Areas Served

Tell potential clients which communities and neighborhoods you work in or serve.

Experience level (pick one)

Novice = None to limited experience. This is for a professional who is early in their career/practice. Roughly 0-20 births for a birth doula Experienced = Intermediate experience. Already have muscle memory and have seen many contexts and served many types of clients but haven’t seen everything yet. Roughly 21-100 births for a birth doula Expert = Expert and master level experience. Seasoned professional who has seen many different types of scenarios and served many different types of clients several times over. Roughly 101+ births for a birth doula.