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Many of us, especially busy Moms like myself, are so focused on being care-GIVERS to everyone else that we often neglect to take care of OURSELVES. What is the result? We suffer. We feel overwhelmed. We feel exhausted. We gain weight. We feel unbalanced. We feel helpless. Enter the concept for LoYo Wellness. Love yourself.  

Why this matters to me

I am Certified Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach and owner of LoYo Wellness.  I am dedicated to helping busy, stressed-out women achieve a life of balance, health, and well-being.  I love working with new parents who often struggle in silence and don’t even know there’s a better way to free themselves and live the life they deserve.

A little about me… I have been an attorney for over 10 years. I entered the legal field so I could help others who were victimized.  I wanted to save the world.  However, I endured years of living knee-deep in long hours of animosity, deceit, and intense arguing. The adversarial nature of litigation became more and more fueled by anger, rather than cordial advocacy.  I woke up each morning to my buzzing alarm and had to literally pry my eyes open.  I used food to stuff my feelings. Coffee was a necessity. And I was forced to grit my teeth and smile to get through the day with some semblance of normalcy.  I was overworked, underpaid, exhausted and underappreciated. I gained weight and had a serious caffeine addiction. Simply put, I was unhappy and unhealthy and something needed to change.

My decision to make a change

I found my passion in health and wellness about four years ago – something that had true meaning in my life, in my core, in my soul.  I found a reason to focus on self care.  I changed my nutrition and my world was rocked upside down. I crowded out toxicity in my life by incorporating a clean, whole food diet and increased my fitness activity.  My fat and my anger melted away as I focused on simple steps to a positive mindset and slowly began letting go of those negative emotions that were weighing me down.  

I became a Certified Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach to assist other women be the best versions of themselves.  New moms especially experience a plethora of postpartum reactions – physically, emotionally, and behaviorally. I help women understand that burnout, stress and overwhelm are real and powerful feelings.  I provide support and actionable steps to calm their chaos so they can prevail with measurable results.  I provide clarity about how stress may be affecting job performance, family life, and overall happiness, and I help women understand what’s holding them back from implementing changes.  I help women achieve a healthier lifestyle, learn how to eat mindfully and provide nutritious meals for their families. Most importantly, I help women feel empowered to implement self care in their life so they can feel, live, and breathe happier and healthier.

Every person deserves to be the best versions of themselves.  No matter what challenges we are all facing or what goals we want to achieve, positive change is entirely within everyone’s reach and the life we’ve always dreamed about is waiting for us if we reach out and grab it.

About Jessica

Jessica Kishpaugh is a Certified Nutrition Health & Lifestyle Coach, a speaker and trainer, an entrepreneur and a leader.  She became a health coach to help women create happier, wholesome, balanced lives, and empower them to live a life of health and freedom.  Jessica was a public interest attorney for the past eleven years, but her true passion is in health and wellness.  She has been a nutrition & lifestyle health coach since 2015.  Jessica offers private sessions and group coaching programs to women and she leads workshops and trainings on topics such as nutrition, mindset, stress management, family wellness, energy, mindful eating and self care.

Jessica graduated from one of the top nutrition health coaching schools, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where she received one year of in-depth training in nutrition and lifestyle coaching skills.  She was trained in innovative coaching methods, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories, such as Ayurveda, gluten-free, Paleo, raw, vegan, and macrobiotics.  Jessica is also currently studying to receive a second certification in sports nutrition from Precision Nutrition.

Jessica is a fitness lover, a runner, a triathlete, completed 16 Half marathons and the NYC Marathon.  She uses her personal fitness experience to coach clients in fitness and sports nutrition.  She is also a Mom of a beautiful baby boy and helps instill family wellness and healthy living for busy families into her practice.

She obtained her Juris Doctorate degree from The Catholic University of America and graduated cum laude.  Jessica obtained her undergraduate degree from Cornell University and graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Communications and Psychology and an Honors Research Thesis distinction.

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Want more information on taking care of yourself in the transition to parenthood and in supporting your goals?  Self-care is so important! Remember when preparing for a baby that preparing for the baby is also about preparing yourself for the transition. Find helpful resources here.

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