Our guiding principles

We are on a mission to help new, expecting and attempting parents find the support they need by connecting them with professionals who provide physical, emotional and educational support.

We really care about the AfterThird community so we are subscription based.  That means:

  • We do not sell your data for a profit
  • We do not sell your attention to advertisers

About us

AfterThird marketplace was launched in May 2018 by OneHatched, Co., a company I founded in the spring of 2017 because of my experiences becoming a mother. I believe parents deserve more. More information. More support. More understanding. More care. A little more time for themselves.

There is an amazing ecosystem of professionals who focus on providing services for new and expecting parents, and those who would like to have children. I am a parent, two times over, so I appreciate all of the challenges that come with the early days of parenthood.

I wanted to make it easier for other parents to get the support they need as they plan for and enter parenthood.  After talking to many parents, I decided to create a place for new or expecting parents to connect with the quality professionals who take care of them.

Founder’s motivation

I have two young children.  They have brought so much love and joy into our family. In spite of that, the past few years have been challenging and exhausting.  Becoming a parent changed my mind, my body, and my relationships.  Looking back, I was not prepared for this big life transition. I learned so much along my journey.

It takes a village‘ – Looking back, that is what I needed. I needed more support. My new family needed more support. Every parent and every family has a unique experience. However, no parent will say that becoming a parent was a piece of cake. Having the right level of support and access to the right information makes that transition much smoother.

Here is our personal story.

Terms of Service

Terms of service

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“Parenting is the easiest thing to have an opinion on, but the hardest thing in the world to do”

– Matt Walsh